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Posted by Silta - January 17th, 2011

I promise to never do that again.

Hi everyone! I have a double (or maybe triple) update for you, so it's all broken down into diff sections. Be sure to check them all out. I also now have -drum roll- a Facebook page! Dj Niamek Facebook Page So anyway, here's all the updates, in chronological order.
Dj Niamek | Blizzard

This is a bit old now, but this track was my Christmas release. Since it's a big holiday, I wanted to make a big song. And so I did.
BIG BONUS FEATURE PRESENT THING STUFF: my very own live flute playing! Melody is all me, no pitch correction, just very, very slight EQing and added reverb. I wanted it to sound as natural as possible while still sounding really damn good, so I worked towards that and it seemed to turn out pretty nicely.
The main inspirations for Blizzard were Oceanlab's Miracle (Above&Beyond Original Mix) and AliasPharrow&Tigger888's Atral Dream. For this one I was really trying to go for a more upbeat but still very relaxed and almost typical type of trance, where at the breakdown you can just let yourself soar as it ebbs and flows over your mind. I don't think I got it to be QUITE that dramatic, but you can see for yourself. Although I'm proud to call it my own.

Dj Niamek | Skylights [Song] / Dj Niamek | Skylights (Loop)

These two are different versions of the same song, and I just finished it today. Very current update here. (a up-to-date update? NOWAYMANOMGNGJFBGDF) This was my attempt at making a deadmau5-style song, just to add to the already insurmountably large library of such creations out there. I got a few of the chordsets from a certain YouTube video (yes, I had the uploader's explicit permission to do so). Some of the chords in the video are his own, some are deadmau5's, and a few are from elsewhere, but all were adapted to be in deadmau5 style. Naturally I didn't use all of the chords, only maybe 2 or 3 patterns. The other progressions are all my creation.

The key change in this brought about a lot of potential for emotive impact, and I've started teaching myself about and experimenting with different modes, so I was working with those for a few of the progressions. Though I must say, it was a pain in the ass trying to get the original key back for the loop so it didn't sound horrendously... horrendous.

So yeah, a song based off of YouTube videos and chillin. nbd.
OH DUH,almost forgot (but I didn't). This one's for Alyssa ;)


So there you have it everybody, my huge-ass update for today. :3 But let me know what you guys think about all that music, all thoughts are much appreciated.
By the way, there seems to be a troll or two that loves zerobombing my submissions as soon as I put them up. I really, really, REALLY do hate to beg but if everyone else (i.e. you, the reader) could please try to bump those submissions, that would be grandtastic.