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Posted by Silta - June 20th, 2012

Hey everyone! Another proper news update for all of you.
As of later yesterday evening I now have a fantastic new dance track on iTunes, called Glassmaker [listen on SoundCloud]. Complete with heavy banging kicks, driving rolling basslines, charged running leads, and gorgeous uplifting pads, this piece is BY FAR my best creation to date, and I sincerely hope you all enjoy it as much as I am excited to release it! Give a listen and let me know what youi think, and if at all possible, please do support the musicmaking cause by purchasing the track on iTunes here!
Thank you in advance :)

I'll also be leaving for upstate New York tomorrow, and being at my grandparents', there is no technology besides that which I can bring. So, I have fantastic music to listen to, analyze, and take notes on so that I can think about music in nature, in complete silence, and away from all other technology. Expect another good track quite soon hopefully, as when I was away in the same fashion last year I came back and immediately used what I had gathered to compose Dive v2.0 in less than 24 hours.

-Sapphire Nine

Purchase track on iTunes: "Glassmaker" in iTunes store
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New original Sapphire Nine dance track!


Posted by Silta - June 12th, 2012

Hey everybody! Glad to be back with a great new trance single, on iTunes now. This one's called Contact because all the spacey sine arpeggiated stuff combined with the sweet sonorities of the dance guitar created in my mind the basic image of a beach in space, nearly identical to the otherworldly beach scene in the movie Contact.

Inspirational tracks for this one are Orjan Nilsen's Lovers Lane and all of Chicane's work in his album Giants.

Please give a listen through, and if you like it then please support! It truly would mean the world to me, this stuff is my life :) The iTunes store link is in the description of the SoundCloud submission, but even so here's a direct link to the store if you like.

Peace & trance,
-Sapphire Nine

Posted by Silta - May 20th, 2012

Promotional stuff which you are all obligated to check out before messagey stuff (all pages revamped and professionalized mere hours ago!):
YouTube! Sapphire Nine - Official YouTube Channel!
Facebook! Like wow I can't even believe how awesome this new and improved Sapphire Nine Official Facebook Page is!
New song releases!
Alleluia - Newgrounds! / YouTube!
Looking Up - Newgrounds... / YouTube!

So hey everyone! General news update for the first time since forever ago.

School is wrapping up now - finals in just a week, and after they're done I'll suddenly have a LOT more time and inspiration for music. I can finally get around to finishing a couple good old projects; you guys have something to look forward to ;)

In February (God I'm making an update in May about something that happened in February I'm terrible at this) I changed my name officially from DJ Niamek to Sapphire Nine. Reasons for this are as follows, the last of which being the primary...
1) Constant mispronunciation. ["dee-jay nee-ah-mek" as opposed to the correct "nai-ah-mek"]
2) Not very catchy. [Evident in the mispronunciation and generally obscure combination of consonants and vowels.]
And most importantly 3) I'm now starting to make much higher quality music, both musically and technically, on an even still increasingly consistent basis. Because of this, I've been starting to consider more and more heavily as time goes on that I want to get with a label within the next few months and really get out there in the world. I thought DJ Niamek wasn't terribly professional sounding - perhaps that's just superficial or stupid or trivial or whatnot - though it's also misleading, because I am not in fact a disc jockey, just a composer and producer of my own original music.
So, in the end of all this, I chose the name Sapphire Nine because the sapphire is my birthstone, the stone of the ninth month, September. Also, I like how sapphires look and Pokemon Sapphire is my favorite 3rd generation Pokemon game. (w00t freakin <3 Kyogre) The whole change is not being applied retroactively. All tracks released before the name change like Sunrise and Awaken and Midnight Sun etc. will still retain their credit to DJ Niamek, while all tracks released after February - which at this point in time are only Alleluia and Looking Up - will be released to the credit of Sapphire Nine.

Since then I've just been working on projects, finding some amazing new music with the older works of Above & Beyond, Chicane, Dash Berlin, Andy Blueman, and some others, as well as reading up on the music industry. At the moment I'm trying to kickstart my fanbase by simply being more active even in between song releases - hence self-promotion at the beginning of the message and going through all the clicks and typing to revamp all my sites and directly contact over 2000 people combined between Facebook and YouTube with messages. Record labels really like to see a solid pre-established buzz about the artist in question upon signing, beause then the type of audience has essentially already been set. [Your help in getiting me up there would be so much loved :) ] The next step after this is finding a lawyer or manager or just somebody with a profession in the industry who I can send my demo through, because labels typically get 200-300 demo submissions per week with each demo being 2-5 songs and so the way they do a sort of pre-screening is by checking if the demo was sent in by someone in the industry, i.e. a music lawyer or manager, who thought before the label that it was worthy to be sent in. So, wish me luck with all of this, and I only ask for a little bit of each of your help along the way! Thank you! :D

Peace & trance,

Posted by Silta - August 7th, 2011

You may notice that right now there is a track called Dj Niamek | Beat Wave in the latest submissions tab in the audio portal, but when you click on it it says it's been deleted. I took it down after hearing it up on Newgrounds because the sound got altered in the export for some reason, and I'm trying to figure out what it was. The problem was that the highest frequencies of the main lead got cut out, when they were fine in the project file in FL Studio. I suspect it has something to do with the bitrate. So I'm re-exporting it at a 450 bitrate (the previous was 320 kb/s, the standard quality) to see if that fixes things. If it does, then it should be up soon! Sorry about that!

-DJ Niamek

Posted by Silta - March 13th, 2011

New song is out now, titled Release!
My attempt to make an uplifting trancepiece, and you can see for youreslf how it turned out. Do the yewzh (it's really hard to type out that shortened form of usual), rate, review, stuff. You can also see the Youtube video I made for it and subsequently my main channel right here.

The reason why it's called Release is for a deeper reason than just that it's releasing your tension and giving up what's not worth holding on to. It's called that because in its production, as well as in the production of Thirty-Six and Skylights, I kept trying to be someone who I wasn't. Skylights was deadmau5 inspired because some of his rhythms and chords were pretty awesome, and Thirty-Six was ultimately a poor excuse for a progressive trance piece. I kept wanting to do the same thing with Release while I was working on it, and then I thought in the final few days of mastering, "you know, maybe crowd-pleasing and mainstream just isn't my style, and I should go back to the style that Awaken and Midnight Sun were so famous and loved for." And so I rearrranged a TON of stuff; melodies, structure, sounds, effects, transitions, everything. I made it me again. I changed it back to the way that was true to me, not true to my anxiety of how other people would react to something different, which would result in me running off and trying to make someone else's music.
So I guess the moral of the story is this: No matter what anybody says, make your own art. Make it your own; make it yourself in a nutshell. Actors can act lines, but composer's can't act music. When the music doesn't come from your own soul, it doesn't work because it's not you that's creating it. You must release what other people might think and go back to the way you originally thought it should be because that's where your subconscience and gut instinct led you in the first place.

Now that my philosophical rant is over, go check out my song n' stuff, and keep on the lookout for more tunes coming your way! ;)

Peace and trance,

Posted by Silta - January 17th, 2011

I promise to never do that again.

Hi everyone! I have a double (or maybe triple) update for you, so it's all broken down into diff sections. Be sure to check them all out. I also now have -drum roll- a Facebook page! Dj Niamek Facebook Page So anyway, here's all the updates, in chronological order.
Dj Niamek | Blizzard

This is a bit old now, but this track was my Christmas release. Since it's a big holiday, I wanted to make a big song. And so I did.
BIG BONUS FEATURE PRESENT THING STUFF: my very own live flute playing! Melody is all me, no pitch correction, just very, very slight EQing and added reverb. I wanted it to sound as natural as possible while still sounding really damn good, so I worked towards that and it seemed to turn out pretty nicely.
The main inspirations for Blizzard were Oceanlab's Miracle (Above&Beyond Original Mix) and AliasPharrow&Tigger888's Atral Dream. For this one I was really trying to go for a more upbeat but still very relaxed and almost typical type of trance, where at the breakdown you can just let yourself soar as it ebbs and flows over your mind. I don't think I got it to be QUITE that dramatic, but you can see for yourself. Although I'm proud to call it my own.

Dj Niamek | Skylights [Song] / Dj Niamek | Skylights (Loop)

These two are different versions of the same song, and I just finished it today. Very current update here. (a up-to-date update? NOWAYMANOMGNGJFBGDF) This was my attempt at making a deadmau5-style song, just to add to the already insurmountably large library of such creations out there. I got a few of the chordsets from a certain YouTube video (yes, I had the uploader's explicit permission to do so). Some of the chords in the video are his own, some are deadmau5's, and a few are from elsewhere, but all were adapted to be in deadmau5 style. Naturally I didn't use all of the chords, only maybe 2 or 3 patterns. The other progressions are all my creation.

The key change in this brought about a lot of potential for emotive impact, and I've started teaching myself about and experimenting with different modes, so I was working with those for a few of the progressions. Though I must say, it was a pain in the ass trying to get the original key back for the loop so it didn't sound horrendously... horrendous.

So yeah, a song based off of YouTube videos and chillin. nbd.
OH DUH,almost forgot (but I didn't). This one's for Alyssa ;)


So there you have it everybody, my huge-ass update for today. :3 But let me know what you guys think about all that music, all thoughts are much appreciated.
By the way, there seems to be a troll or two that loves zerobombing my submissions as soon as I put them up. I really, really, REALLY do hate to beg but if everyone else (i.e. you, the reader) could please try to bump those submissions, that would be grandtastic.


Posted by Silta - December 18th, 2010

'aight SO
The past couple weeks I've been working on an entirely new project once again, after a couple of weeks of resting. It will be called..... I DONT HAVE A NAME FOR IT YET :D Yes my new original piece entitled I Don't Have a Name fo-just kidding i really will have a name for it when it's out, I just haven't decided on one yet. I think I'll do it based off of what kind of picture it goes best with, prob something aquatic based off the sweet sound now.

This song also features ME PLAYING FLUTE!!!! YAAAYYAYAAYYAYAYYAY!! I figured since we have instument mics around my house that are extremely high quality, why not use them... for instrumental recordings? The flute solo is part of a very relaxed, softer section where you can just sit back and relax. There are two main influences in this song, AliasPharrow&Tigger888's Astral Dream and Oceanlab's Miracle (Above&Beyond Club Mix). If you've heard those songs before and like them, then you'll absolutely love what I'm coming out with ON CHRISTMAS!! Yup December 25, as a lil present for mah buds Annie and Esme (w00t) ;) If you haven't heard those songs before then PLEASE listen to them, they're both totes chill pieces. Bro.

So stay tuned (what am I a radio?) to my audio section... on December 25 I will be officially releasing my new original!


p.s. all the major tracks in the project have been labeled, and ignore the project title in the upper-left of the picture, that's kindasorta what i originally wanted it to be but I thought I could make it much more (so I did) and I just wanted to save it fast. Just a heads up :) peacee

herro derr

Posted by Silta - November 21st, 2010

AWAKEN is now out!!
Go give it a listen :)
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /377680 or just clicky here: Dj Niamek | Awaken :3

hey john.

Fun tech facts:
116 patterns
60 mixer tracks
56 instrumental channels (7 kicks, 5 hihats, 4 claps in the percussion)
48 automation channels
8 audio waveform channels (6 of which are FX)
17 different mixer FX
3 sets of sidechained mixer tracks
35 display tracks (where all the different clips go; many of these hold more than one instrument and/or pattern/ automation clip, so if each was spread out to have its own i might have around 80-ish? just a guesstimate [god i hate that word])
and repeated outpuring of inspiration into it.

so far reviews have been great! all you fans and appreciators keep me going. i know everybody says that about their fans, but it's really true. thank you.


Posted by Silta - September 12th, 2010

Finished my newest snog! It's my first try at a dance song and it's EXTREMELY successful. It would be mucho appreciadado [haha failspanish] if you checked it out HERE: Midnight Sun

I had the melody and progression laid out for a couple weeks, which were the weeks before I came close to finishing Rising Tide. I figured then it was a good start, and there were a lot of things that were going on to inspire the rest of it. School was starting and I was making new friends and seeing old ones and having one hell of a good time in sophomore year, and I had just finished marching band camp and that was actually an insane amount of fun. And all those emotions played a big part in making this song. Ultimately, it was ridiculously fun to make, despite me sitting down and rigorously composing line after line, day by day, every day.

I'm especially proud of the ending on this one. It's just the right mix of cool, calm, and emotional. Which is extremely emotional, pretty cool, and very calm[ing]. But the rest of the song makes you want to jump out of your seat and start breakdancing; 198 BPM can do that to you.