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New song and an epiphany.

Posted by Silta - March 13th, 2011

New song is out now, titled Release!
My attempt to make an uplifting trancepiece, and you can see for youreslf how it turned out. Do the yewzh (it's really hard to type out that shortened form of usual), rate, review, stuff. You can also see the Youtube video I made for it and subsequently my main channel right here.

The reason why it's called Release is for a deeper reason than just that it's releasing your tension and giving up what's not worth holding on to. It's called that because in its production, as well as in the production of Thirty-Six and Skylights, I kept trying to be someone who I wasn't. Skylights was deadmau5 inspired because some of his rhythms and chords were pretty awesome, and Thirty-Six was ultimately a poor excuse for a progressive trance piece. I kept wanting to do the same thing with Release while I was working on it, and then I thought in the final few days of mastering, "you know, maybe crowd-pleasing and mainstream just isn't my style, and I should go back to the style that Awaken and Midnight Sun were so famous and loved for." And so I rearrranged a TON of stuff; melodies, structure, sounds, effects, transitions, everything. I made it me again. I changed it back to the way that was true to me, not true to my anxiety of how other people would react to something different, which would result in me running off and trying to make someone else's music.
So I guess the moral of the story is this: No matter what anybody says, make your own art. Make it your own; make it yourself in a nutshell. Actors can act lines, but composer's can't act music. When the music doesn't come from your own soul, it doesn't work because it's not you that's creating it. You must release what other people might think and go back to the way you originally thought it should be because that's where your subconscience and gut instinct led you in the first place.

Now that my philosophical rant is over, go check out my song n' stuff, and keep on the lookout for more tunes coming your way! ;)

Peace and trance,