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Long time no update - May 20, 2012

Posted by Silta - May 20th, 2012

Promotional stuff which you are all obligated to check out before messagey stuff (all pages revamped and professionalized mere hours ago!):
YouTube! Sapphire Nine - Official YouTube Channel!
Facebook! Like wow I can't even believe how awesome this new and improved Sapphire Nine Official Facebook Page is!
New song releases!
Alleluia - Newgrounds! / YouTube!
Looking Up - Newgrounds... / YouTube!

So hey everyone! General news update for the first time since forever ago.

School is wrapping up now - finals in just a week, and after they're done I'll suddenly have a LOT more time and inspiration for music. I can finally get around to finishing a couple good old projects; you guys have something to look forward to ;)

In February (God I'm making an update in May about something that happened in February I'm terrible at this) I changed my name officially from DJ Niamek to Sapphire Nine. Reasons for this are as follows, the last of which being the primary...
1) Constant mispronunciation. ["dee-jay nee-ah-mek" as opposed to the correct "nai-ah-mek"]
2) Not very catchy. [Evident in the mispronunciation and generally obscure combination of consonants and vowels.]
And most importantly 3) I'm now starting to make much higher quality music, both musically and technically, on an even still increasingly consistent basis. Because of this, I've been starting to consider more and more heavily as time goes on that I want to get with a label within the next few months and really get out there in the world. I thought DJ Niamek wasn't terribly professional sounding - perhaps that's just superficial or stupid or trivial or whatnot - though it's also misleading, because I am not in fact a disc jockey, just a composer and producer of my own original music.
So, in the end of all this, I chose the name Sapphire Nine because the sapphire is my birthstone, the stone of the ninth month, September. Also, I like how sapphires look and Pokemon Sapphire is my favorite 3rd generation Pokemon game. (w00t freakin <3 Kyogre) The whole change is not being applied retroactively. All tracks released before the name change like Sunrise and Awaken and Midnight Sun etc. will still retain their credit to DJ Niamek, while all tracks released after February - which at this point in time are only Alleluia and Looking Up - will be released to the credit of Sapphire Nine.

Since then I've just been working on projects, finding some amazing new music with the older works of Above & Beyond, Chicane, Dash Berlin, Andy Blueman, and some others, as well as reading up on the music industry. At the moment I'm trying to kickstart my fanbase by simply being more active even in between song releases - hence self-promotion at the beginning of the message and going through all the clicks and typing to revamp all my sites and directly contact over 2000 people combined between Facebook and YouTube with messages. Record labels really like to see a solid pre-established buzz about the artist in question upon signing, beause then the type of audience has essentially already been set. [Your help in getiting me up there would be so much loved :) ] The next step after this is finding a lawyer or manager or just somebody with a profession in the industry who I can send my demo through, because labels typically get 200-300 demo submissions per week with each demo being 2-5 songs and so the way they do a sort of pre-screening is by checking if the demo was sent in by someone in the industry, i.e. a music lawyer or manager, who thought before the label that it was worthy to be sent in. So, wish me luck with all of this, and I only ask for a little bit of each of your help along the way! Thank you! :D

Peace & trance,