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I love it.
And awesome sidechain.

This is just...
happy. And it made me feel happy which I was having a little trouble with today, so thanks for that.
Good work.
You have my full support as an artist.

-Sapphire Nine

FINALLY, something at the top of the list with a genuinely powerful driving set of percussion and FX and synth all pairing with the chord movement.
Great production, sounds tight and and the chord transitions are delicious, especially that iv-i. My only beef with it is that with the intro being all one chord for so long, it gets a little stale after a while. My advice is jsut keep your intro lengths down, and you'll be fantastic.

Your bass is thick and delicious like dark chocolate, I absolutely love it. And your guitar is so simple but enthralling what with your backup soundset and your equally simple but enthralling chords. And your percussion as always is extra crispy bacon.


Man, I love the vibe!
I would've given a full 10 if it weren't for I think it was either the kick or another bass in the same register that hits on a few of the offbeats. It trips up the groove you have going with the amazing-sounding kick you have and if people are gonna be out on the dancefloor to this it's gonna feel like their feet just got tangled for a bit. Also I personally would label this as house - I think it just fits right in with the style of Mossy's and Roald Velden's and Fade's progressive house. Awesome track though, can't wait til it's done!

Cahzmana responds:

hey thanks for the amazing review Silta!
ye i labeled it as house in the first place tho..
but the house section is just dying at the moment.
so im just doing this to get some reviews.

personally i love offbeats.
but never know how to place them properly if thats what you meant.
ill also look into the artist names you mentioned. i already knew mossy, he's really something if its aboutp rogressive stuff. amazing artist.

9/10, 5/5 from me! Your sound selection and mix were overall very good, and I felt you did Andy Blueman some decent justice. He's my favorite trance artist as well, and you're a very skilled artist yourself, so naturally I would be inclined to like this sort of thing. Keep it up!

Even though it has percussion, so do most of Ulrich Schnauss' works. I think you should've labeled this as Ambient, becuase it's just got SUCH an awesome atmosphere. Love it!

FEAST responds:

You know where I get the atmosphere from right? It is imported directly from the moon. Optimus prime brings it to me.

So you said you wanted people to comment on stuff they didn't like so that you could do it better in future tracks, so here it comes.

I understand the power of a nice saturated bass, but your Digi bass is just too overpowering. It's getting in the way of the kick, which is actually fantastic in a way that's really hard to get, and because of the bass' mix level it's also overtriggering the master limiter which is keeping your track from being as generally loud as it could be. I personally don't like having the Digi as my offbeat sub bass. Youtube has a couple great tutorials on how to make a wonderful sounding sub bass with other plugins that won't overpower your mix and in fact give it more power than the Digi, so I recommend you go check those out. Also, as a general word of advice, never discount the value of YouTube tutorials, even if you don't presently have anything in mind that you feel the need to work on. Every little bit you learn helps you get a better sound. I don't know your tendencies so I may be totally preaching to the choir but hey it never hurts to have some affirmation.

But, I love your percussion. It's simple, but it's tight and sounds soul-suckingly just mmmff. Bring your snare just a TINY BIT out of the mix more, I like it.

I can tell you're using a ton of Sytrus presets. Try and find other VSTi's to use; Sytrus is nice, but I've found through experience that somehow if you have all of your channels as the same plugin (especially the case with Sytrus) it gets to sound really muddy and convoluted. My favorite non-native VSTi's are Sylenth1, z3ta+, reFX Nexus, NI Massive, Zebra2, and DUNE. Of course those took a heck of a long time to all find and I still have yet to buy and register many of those, but start searching for new plugins online now. Down-the-road-producer-you will thank you for it.

In the minimal intro which I love, with that sweet Acid line you have running, I believe I hear two copies of the same pattern that are exactly alike. They each cover one full cycle of the chord progression, and to make it more interesting you should do something with the second one. What I had in mind was perhaps suddenly enable a reverb and delay when the second pattern comes along, so that when your awesome pad comes in in the third chord progression cycle the ambience of it has already been partially set up.

That's all the feedback I have to give. Happy musicmaking! :)

-Sapphire Nine

Zafrece responds:

Wow, thank you very much! This is the whole reason i started uploading things to NG, the feed back you have given me i will take and put in my newer songs. I would really appreciate it if you would continue to offer your advice/services in my future songs i post. Again thank you in great amounts for the feed back you have given me. I hope i can take in everything you said.

Really awesome! I love the sweet driving vibe, I like how it's actually undertempo of pro trance rather than so much faster like so many other trance submissions here on Newgrounds, so in this you can actually feel every part of the beat. I thought your chords and the balance of your instruments was extremely well done, and the way you actually used and manipulated your melodic voicing within the chords made it even more impressive. And holy hell, the vocals just came in! That chord change is hauntingly gorgeous! And the vocals fit perfectly! This review was originally going to be a 9 but now the track deserves an 11. I love it. Keep it up. The ONLY beef I have with it, and it's something I struggle with myself even now still after focusing on it for months, is that you should find a more floor-filling kick drum whose bass stands apart from the mix more. The mid and upper range of your kick is great if not even slightly overpowering in the mix, but if you could add more bass to it with an extra sub-bass channel or another filtered kick layer or something it would be so much better and punchier.
Again, love the vibe, love the chords, and LOVE the vocals. If you can, please personally contact me when the full version is released. This excites me, and that's RARE for me to say.

-Sapphire Nine

Pretty good! I felt like with the electric guitar (which is the best thing you've got going) you could've chosen MUCH more diverse and fulfilling sounds than fundamental waveforms - with so many on top of each other playing in harmonies and octaves, there's a lot of weird phasing and amplification things going on, and it's so difficult to create good balance between all those instruments because they all take up the same sonic space both in terms of the stereo field and the harmonic spectrum. But, your scoring is great and your standard band sounds (guitar and percussion) sound wonderful, so if you went back and simply reinstrumentated this I think it would do wonders. Also do more LCR panning (youtube it if you don't know what that is, it's incredibly helpful for making a more professional sound), that'll help with some sonic space issues.
Keep it up!

-Sapphire Nine

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